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While I travel, I have a limited budget. Never did I have a chance to spend as much as I would like to. Moreover, that’s ok; most travelers have to mind their budget. Nevertheless, don’t let this issue stop you from enjoying your travels!
It’s natural that I want to save as much as possible while I’m on the road. I would suggest anyone else to do the same, as this gives you more resources, so you can travel to other countries. Here are some great, exciting and free things you can do in various countries of the world.

Poppies in Iceland - about meHitchhiking Iceland

Unbelievably, it’s hitchhiking in Iceland is not unusual. Tourists and local population can often be seen hitchhiking, in various parts of Iceland. This is probably because this country was declared to be the safest in the world – it is so safe that women hitch even when they are alone. The prices of bus transport are up to $100, a rental car is also expensive. In any case, there is no cheaper or more interesting way to explore Iceland. You will meet new, interesting people as well.

old-bar-budapestExplore the old bars in Budapest

The old, ruined bars are mainly located in abandoned buildings around Budapest. Okay, do not expect any fancy cafes, but some of these bars are really good. In these pubs are usually some fancy art installations, paintings, and everything has been designed so thoughtfully that it at least looks like a work of art, not just a place to drink coffee. On various locations in Budapest, you can find list of such bars. And yes, if you want to drink coffee in one of these bars, it is not free, but it doesn’t cost a fortune.

about-me-travelerCouch Surf – Anywhere

Looking for accommodation for the upcoming trip? The website Couchsurfing will get all kinds of information about free housing. Provided you meet the residents of the city in which you are traveling, you will be able to find out many interesting facts and stories. Therefore, as you continue to meet new people and make new friends, you will get more and more tips on where to eat, where to drink cheaply and what you can see free. It’s one of the best ways to travel the world because you get firsthand experience of the lifestyle of that particular country. You meet the locals personally and experience their culture and the way they live their lives.

Paris-Mona-LisaSee the Mona Lisa

Every first Sunday of the month, the entrance to the Louvre is free. Therefore, the first week of every month, you can waltz to the Louvre, Paris, and not pay 20 euros for the ticket. You should avoid the biggest attractions in the museum, like Mona Lisa, as it is going to be very crowded there. I found out that it’s best to visit these at the end of the day, when everyone’s already tired and are going home. Since everyone loves free stuff, expect it to be crowded, so come a little earlier.

about-me-british-museumVisit any museum in the UK

The entrance to all national museums in the UK is always free. Before you travel there, explore the British Museums on the Internet a bit because there are many of them, especially in London.

There’s a lot more I can tell you about traveling the various countries of the world. But for that, you will have to read my blog posts.

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