Home to towering skyscrapers and picturesque hiking trails, hong kong is a truly vibrant and beautiful city. Whether you’re looking to up your Instagram game at some instagrammable spots in town, in need of some retail therapy at Hong Kong’s best independent shops or simply looking to devour all the tastiest cheap eats you can find, there’s plenty to keep you happily entertained.

Hong Kong is split into two major areas—Hong Kong Island to the south, and the Kowloon Peninsula up north—with Victoria Harbour running through the middle. On either side, a mesmerizing collection of high-rises lures photographers and architecture lovers from all over the world. While compact, the city of 7.3 million delivers an immense breadth of experiences. With any luck, you’ll savor tea and dim sum on a daily basis, drink cold beers in a colonial building, trek to The Peak and get pleasantly lost in a fishing village on Peng Chau Island.