Travel Overview of Africa / Middle East

Despite growing political unrest, Africa represents one of the most amazing travel destinations in the world.  From traveling the Middle East to photo safaris in Central Africa to hiking the slopes of Kilimanjaro, Africa offers an immense amount of travel variety.

kilimanjaro africa tent adventureAfrica is the world’s second-largest continent in both area and population, after Asia. At about 30,244,050 square kilometers (11,677,240 square miles) including its adjacent islands, it covers 20.3 percent of the total land area on Earth. With over 800 million human inhabitants in 54 countries, it accounts for about one seventh of the world human population.

The Middle East is a region comprised of the lands that extend from the eastern Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf. The Middle East is a subregion of Africa-Eurasia, or more specifically, Asia, and sometimes North Africa and Afghanistan. The area encompasses several cultural and ethnic groups, including the Persian, Arabic, Kurdish and Turkish cultures. The five main language groups are Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish and Hebrew.